INSPIRE: INsight into Statistical Practice, Instruction and REasoning

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What is INSPIRE?

INSPIRE is a course designed for high school AP statistics teachers who are beginners in statistics.  The INSPIRE project is a joint effort of California Polytechnic State University, the University of California at Los Angeles, and the American Statistical Association that combines the talents professional statisticians, experienced high school statistics teachers, and college statistics educators.

Although INSPIRE was originally designed as a two-year course, the course is now a one semester distance course. 

INSPIRE Course Starts January 10, 2010. Register now!!!

INSPIRE, Statistics X 402.2, will be offered through UCLA Extension for a 16-week course beginning January 10, 2011 and ending April 18. Participants who complete the course will receive 5 units of university credit. The cost is $489.

This online course covers the advanced placement statistics curriculum (experimental design, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics) from a teacher's point of view. Based on the NSF-funded INsight into Statistical Practice, Instruction and REasoning (INSPIRE), the course was designed by experienced high school AP statistics instructors and college educators, including former Chief Reader Roxy Peck. Participants study one AP topic each week by doing activities, short self-graded homework exercises, and data analysis exercises. "Teaching tips" and other resources are introduced to help teachers prepare students for the AP exam. We anticipate that students will need to devote about 10 hours per week to the course, although those with more experience in statistics will be able to spend less time. Prerequisite: A bachelor's degree. Participants should either be currently teaching a high school statistics course or have recently taught one. This is not an introductory statistics course; students interested in introductory statistics should enroll in Statistics XL 10.

Required Text and Software Please purchase Fathom, which is the software we will use. Although this software is required, it is possible to use another statistical software package (but NOT a TI calculator), although we cannot provide instruction. The student edition (for about $40) is sufficient.

Prerequisite: A bachelor's degree.  Participants should either be currently teaching a high school statistics course or have recently taught one.

To register online, please visit and click on "Quick Enroll" and enter Reg# V9982. Complete the online enrollment form for secure registration.  

Enrollment by Phone:
Use American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or VISA. Call (310) 825-9941 or (818) 784-7006.  


Table of Contents

Unit 1: Exploring Data
Unit 2: Two-variable Relationships
Unit 3: More Two-variable relationships
Unit 4:  Collecting Data
Unit 5: The Normal Distribution
Unit 6: Probability Essentials
Unit 7: Random Variables and their PDFs
Unit 8: Simulating Probabilities
Unit 9: Sampling Distributions
Unit 10: Confidence Intervals
Unit 11: Hypothesis Tests
Unit 12: Comparing Two Populations
Unit 13: Chi-square Tests
Unit 14: Regression Revisited
Unit 15: Experimental Design Revisited


Materials from each of the workshops is available.

NSF ESIE 0138807