INSPIRE: INsight into Statistical Practice, Instruction and REasoning

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Team Members

The INSPIRE project could not have happened without the help, support, and great efforts of many people. 

Floyd Bullard, Matt Carelton, Gretchen Davis, Rob Gould, Kim Robinson, Dan Teague, Katie Tranbarger.

Floyd Bullard, Gretchen Davis, Robert Gould, Chris Olsen, Katie Tranbarger

Workshop Leaders
Beth Chance, Mary Mortlock, Robin Lock, Chris Olsen, Alan Rossman,  Tom Short

Practicum Organizers
Carolyn Morgan, Judith O'Fallen

Principal Investigators
Roxy Peck, Rob Gould

In addition, we must thank our mentors:  practicting statisticians who mentored participants through a data analysis project.

Karla Ballman, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Rob Carver
Jimmy Efird, John A Burns School of Medicine
Paul Fields, Brigham Young University
Lisa Ganio, Oregon State University
David Gagnon, Boston University School of Public Health
Suzanne Hendrix
Ghada Koury, Michigan State University
Angela Patterson, General Electric
David Rumpf
Greg Snow, Statistical Data Center
Bob Stephenson, Iowa State University
Heidi Weiss, Baylor College of Medicine
Jeff Witmer, Oberlin College
Mike Eslinger, Boise School District

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