Exploring Data

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 Fathom Tutorial

For this unit, we will cover data organization, visualizations, and summaries in fathom. Specifically we see how to create a table for data, plot one or more attributes on the same graph, open an object's inspector, and create a data summary table.

Graphical and Numerical Summaries with Fathom
Entering Data into Fathom (From Unit 15)

Relevant Fathom Help Movies:
Tables and Graphs
Collection, Table, Graph and Summary Icons
Summary Tables

Skills Included on This Page:

  • Creating a Data Table
  • Creating Dotplots, Histograms, and Boxplots
  • Comparing Distributions Across Graphs
  • Using Linked Graphs
  • Making Summary Tables
  • Entering Data From a Website
  • Entering Data From a Text File
  • Entering Data From an Excel Spreadsheet

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